Sudan’s Bloody Uprising

Dr Namariq is one of the thousands of protesters that went out on the streets of Sudan demanding the fall of dictator Omar al-Bashir’s regime. But even after the former president was ousted, his regime stayed in place. The protests continued, and a historic sit-in started.

Sudan: Iron and Fire follows Dr. Namariq, a young Sudanese doctor who joined the protests in early April, as she first celebrates the uprising’s success only to watch it collapse in the face of terrifying violence.

Filmmaker Namak Khoshnaw travels with Dr. Namariq from Khartoum to Atbara. Known as the ‘City of Iron and Fire’ it is where the protests to topple the former dictator began.

On June 3rd the regime’s RSF military forces launched a vicious attack on unarmed protestors in the sit-in leaving over a hundred dead and scores raped and beaten.

Thanks to
Raja Makawi
Mohanad Elhussein
Abdullah nour el Din

Filed producer
Maissa Sadding

Additional footage
Ibrahim Saehon

Production Management Assistant
Elidadi Nzayisenga

Online Editor
Dominic McMahon

Dubbing Mixer
Andrew Sears

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Walid Magid

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Kai Lawrence

Production Co-ordinator
Nadir Khouri

Production Manager
Shariffa Abdulrehman

Executive Editor
Tim Awford

Documentaries Editor
Mustafa Khalili

Executive Producer
Tom Roberts

Kai Lawrence
Nader Ibrahim

Filmed, Directed and Produced by
Namak Khoshnaw

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