Slaves of the Caliphate .


Slaves of the Caliphate

The BBC’s Arabic Service follows a young woman as she negotiates to free Yazidi women being held captive by Islamic State fighters in Northern Iraq

Slaves of the Caliphate, a compelling documentary made by freelance producer Namak Khoshnaw. The programme follows Yazidi activist Nareen Shammo as she tries to convince IS to free captured women, and interviews woman who have escaped.

A film by Namak Khoshnaw

Christine Garabedian

Special Thanks to
Mouna Ba
Ziyad Shammo
Rudaw Media Network
Shamal Khoshnaw

Production Coordinator
Nadia Beginin

Production Manager
Emanuele Pasquale

Namak Khoshnaw

Picture Editor
Mahmoud Mushatat

Executive Producer
Christine Garabedian

Deputy head of Programmes
Louay Ismail
Head of Programmes
Samir Farah

Documentary Editor
Marc Parkins

Namak Khoshnaw

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